Finding your inner social network

A few days ago, I signed up for an Instagram account. I had an account before but had deleted it because I felt I wouldn’t make too much use of it since I don’t take or post many pictures. I decided to sign up again because I decided that I needed more visibility to promote my business.

My first impression was of the application itself in terms of how it looked and felt. I thought it was awesome. It has a beautiful design and the interface is fast. Facebook could definitely take a few lessons from Instagram in how to build a lean and efficient mobile application.

Then the pictures started streaming in. They were really nice, many of them with an artistic flair to them. I immediately felt out of my element again: “no way I’d be posting pictures like these”. I endured. I was on a mission so I had to stay the course.

I mention this experience to contrast it with my experience exploring Medium. As a regular reader of Hacker News I had read articles from Medium before. I got the idea that it was a blogging platform of sorts, but I was never interested in exploring it, since “been there, done that”. However, there was an article that caught my interest. It was from Medium CEO Ev Williams talking about the way forward for Medium as it attempts to find a sustainable business model.

After learning about the mission to offer a great experience for writers and readers, I decided to look more deeply into it. I found the site to be beautifully designed. I loved the minimalism, the font was perfect for reading, and the featured articles were well-written and intriguing. I immediately felt at home. I had a feeling that I would really enjoy participating on the site. It was a similar feeling when I discovered Hacker News. I like reading and discussing interesting things.

After I signed up for Instagram, I started to ponder the difference in reaction to Medium and began to appreciate that different social networks may appeal to different people. Of course, this is nothing earth-shattering — most products target a particular niche — but it was just something interesting to think about.

Not being restricted to Instagram and Medium I started to assess my feelings about the other networks I use, Facebook and Twitter. I am apathetic toward Facebook most of the of time while at times I would say I dislike it. This may be due to the way I use it. Facebook as just a stream of what my friends are up to is not particularly interesting. However, Facebook as a stream of content from pages that I’ve chosen to follow is a lot more appealing to me.

I enjoy Twitter for similar reasons. For the most part, I follow people who post content I find interesting rather than people I just happen to know.

So which is my inner network? I am tempted to say Medium but I am not sure I’m ready to commit since it hasn’t reciprocated my love up to this point. I reposted one of my posts and it has literally only one view and zero reads. I was under the impression that Medium has tools that made posts more easily discoverable. I am new to the platform so I may be doing something wrong.

But enough about me. What are your favorite social media platforms?

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