Maybe everyone should learn how to program!

It’s interesting the way some things can seem insignificant and significant at the same time. We hardly give thought to food and water when they’re available but their absence or scarcity can quickly spark a crisis.

I guess that’s the way systems work in general. They’re a series of components that work together and the failure of an essential component can bring it down completely.

I find it useful to think of things in life in this kind of systematic way. What does this thing consist of? What are the different parts and how do they work together? What’s likely to be the effect if x or y component fails?

As a programmer the effects or this are critical since failure to account for certain conditions can result in bugs in the program. So we have to train ourselves to be thoughtful, detail- oriented and precise.

These are traits that would serve us very well in all facets of life. Maybe everyone should learn how to program! 🙂

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