Finding your inner social network

A few days ago, I signed up for an Instagram account. I had an account before but had deleted it because I felt I wouldn’t make too much use of it since I don’t take or post many pictures. I decided to sign up again because I decided that I needed more visibility to promote my business. My first impression was of the application itself in terms of how it looked and felt. I thought it was awesome. It has a beautiful design and the interface is fast. Facebook could definitely take a few lessons from Instagram in how to build …

Facebook ties my hands again!


One of the joys of being a programmer is being able to solve problems that cannot be solved any other way or at least would be difficult or impractical to solve. I had one such episode recently. I noticed that my friends count on Facebook had decreased. I had no idea who was missing but out of mere curiosity, I wanted to know. It’s not that losing friends on Facebook weighs heavily on me; I just like knowing things. So the first thing that comes to my mind is, “I’ll just build an app to track friends on Facebook”. So …

What good can we get from fake news?

Fake news is bad. There is nothing nice about deceiving and manipulating people. However, that there are people with bad intentions and motivations is a fact of life. The least we can do is to be aware of it and try to protect ourselves from it. The issue of fake news reveals a critical problem about the way we consume information. We tend to trust information that we receive through certain channels. If we see something in print or on a website that looks like a news site we assume that it’s true, particularly if it’s something that is consistent …

Where are Drake’s OVO Artists?

I am a fan of Drake as an entertainer. I enjoy his music. Ever since he came onto the scene he has been promoting his OVO brand which supposedly is now a record label with various artists signed to it. This is not a new concept. We’re familiar with the story of an artist succeeding in the record industry then forming an imprint on another major label to help other artists they’re affiliated with to develop. Drake himself signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. Apart from Drake, Young Money had other big Artists like Lil Wayne himself, Nicki Minaj and Tyga for …

Why I enjoy (Latin) dancing

Dancing with Shakera at Flow Latin Nite!

I enjoy dancing because I like music. Dancing is a natural expression of the enjoyment of music. You feel the vibe and you’re compelled to move. Unless of course, you’re self-conscious and worried about looking like an idiot with your less than graceful movements. That’s the issue with me. Dancing does not come naturally. This is where Latin dancing helps. It’s a formal and structured dance. There are specific sequences and steps to perform so all I have to do is learn the system and execute it. It takes away the uncertainty of having to improvise the steps. It helps …

Berlin Wall

Even as our Berling Wall crumbles, a phantom takes its place. Years swallowed by a vacuum cannot be replaced and represents an unfulfilled history, that cannot be retraced. A face and voice familiar, yet foreign, at the same time underlies the change, and a battered trust wears scars like a badge of wisdom enlightened to the fact that there are things that may never change. © October 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey

Born Again

She’s embarked on a new life. She’s born again. But how nice it would be to meet the ghost of her former self And maybe even taste the foods she no longer keeps on the shelf. Alas, the hand I am dealt does little for my nourishment, But dignified, I accept the punishment every time she comes around, of knowing that she’ll probably never come around. © 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey

Centre of Attention

She’s the centre of attention. You can feel the tension in the air. There may just be a testosterone fuelled eruption to settle the affair. But she’s without a care. She relishes being the prize. To bathe in their covetous eyes is more intoxicating than one may realise. And this, may just be where the danger lies. © July 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey

Self Pleasure

If one is not against the idea of self pleasure then it’s a small leap to seek the assistance of another. In the grand scheme of things there is little difference between your fingers and mine except maybe a freer mind with which to absorb the sensation, the fuller, deeper penetrations and oral stimulation made possible by the availability of a wider array of instrumentation. If you’ve never thought of it this way, let me be the prophet to bring you this revelation! © July 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey

Black Hole

She absorbs my energy like a black hole, such that the internal reactions are unknown. She could be such a beacon of light, I know, If only she’d let herself glow And illuminate the scripts that her soul makes so that we could delight in the fruits conceived when souls mate. Maybe she thinks that these are tracks that only fools trace, But sometimes the distinction between folly and wisdom is just a matter of taste. © July 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey