She can’t be all spirit. She must have a human side. She can’t be unfeeling. She must have desires. She can’t be all seeing. There must be blind spots, in which one may hide. Or maybe she’s invincible, but one never knows, until one tries. © July 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey


Does love become difficult to pin down when it’s under contract? Do hearts crave fresh blood to keep their rhythms on track? Do they shackle their own feet to beat their wings into submission? Is it futile, such a mission? © June 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey


She’s my nutrition. Her scarcity stunts my growth; but there’s little chance of salvation for, to her, I am a malignant growth that gets under her skin then infects her brain and turns her body into an inferno of carnal fever. She refuses the antidote and, in exile, finds ways to cope while I waste away hanging from her murderous rope. © June 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey

Staking Claim

With a tongue like a match, don’t be surprised if I set you aflame. You can tell my kisses are unmatched the way they leave your lips inflamed. Your legs, vicious when they react leave my neck in chains. But let there be no doubt who’s staking claim. © June 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey


She’s a demon between the sheets. There’s an altar between her thighs. She lures him into her possession and with fingers, like knives, draws a blood sacrifice. @ May 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey


When efforts to suppress desire come to no avail, we can set sail to a place where there are no need for veils, only thrills of electrically charged bodies scaling mountains of pleasure and tongues savouring tastes as varied as the colours of the rainbow. A prize to my eyes it would be to absorb the fiery hue of your caramel skin as it radiates your internal inferno, your volcano as it signals that it’s ready to blow.

Love Crimes

Just like not everyone is ready for the love of God, not every woman is ready for mine. It’s impossible to appreciate that which is divine with hands soiled by love crimes. Idols may satisfy, but only for a while. For an eternity, hearts shall grind. © May 2014 Kelvin S. Pompey