Why I enjoy (Latin) dancing

I enjoy dancing because I like music. Dancing is a natural expression of the enjoyment of music. You feel the vibe and you’re compelled to move. Unless of course, you’re self-conscious and worried about looking like an idiot with your less than graceful movements. That’s the issue with me. Dancing does not come naturally.

This is where Latin dancing helps. It’s a formal and structured dance. There are specific sequences and steps to perform so all I have to do is learn the system and execute it. It takes away the uncertainty of having to improvise the steps.

It helps to break the ice so to speak but then you run into another problem. I am often told that my movements are kind of robotic. Sometimes, while dancing I feel like I am moving like a worm but then I see myself on a video and I look like a stick. When you look at dancing in algorithmic terms that’s bound to happen so the next hurdle for me is to look more fluid so I guess I need to expand the algorithm to handle that. One tip, I’ve received is to exaggerate my movements so whatever I feel I am doing take it a bit further. I would probably feel like I look odd doing it so back to square one? Well maybe if I can find a mirror I can get some feedback on what I look like.

There’s something unsexy about looking at dancing in these terms but to each his own. As a carpenter all you see are nails.

To see what I look like dancing check out the video below of Latin Passion SVG’s Amateur Bachata Competition. If you’re in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and into this kind of stuff you should check us out! 🙂

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  1. My dear partner in LPSVG’s Bachata Competition it is a surprise to hear that dancing doesn’t come naturally to you because I have always found that you flow effortlessly on the dance floor! Your “unsexy” tips are quite insightful. Keep progressing!

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